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      • Characteristics of BMC
      • Business philosophy
      • Investment fields
      • Investment Priorities
      • Investment Scale
      • Investment criterion
      • Investment Principles
      • Multi-Win Cooperation
      • Characteristics of BMC
      • Characteristics
      • Bangming capital focuses on the equity investment to high-growth and technology-based enterprises. Bangming’s experience proves that our business model does provide the multi-WIN scenario for entrepreneurs, investors, governments, industries and ourselfves as fund managers.

        Business philosophy

          Adhere to equity investments in high-growth and technology-based enterprises ;
            ● Professional investment with multi-skills - Equity investment is Bangming's main business, and professional consulting services is its distinguishing feature.;
            ● Uphold the 3 principles – Partnership, Cooperation, and Regulation;

          High-level Initiation, Open-type Administration, Professional Operation;

          Honesty, Standardized Operation, Value Investment, Profit-Oriented, Building Brand.

        Investment fields

        According to GP’s professional investment experience and market 澳门永利平台娱乐网址:Development opportunities, combined with GP's investment preferences, Bangming capital sets investment priorities on SMEs.

        Key Investment Areas:

        1) Information Technology Industries;

        2) Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Industries;

        3) Modern Service Industries;

        4) Health-Care and Bio-Medical Industries;

        5) New Energy and New Materials Industries.

        Investment Priorities

        Bangming capital sets investment priorities on SMEs that have characteristics such as annual net profit of ¥5 million or more, high-growth, and technology-based.

        Investment Scale

        A single project investment scale is between 5 million to 30 million RMB.

        Investment criterion

          Management team:Business Innovations, Ambitions; Honesty and Upright; Resilience; Complementary Capabilities, Prominent Core;

          Applied Technologies:advanced and practical with exclusive advantages, can be applied to mass production, and there is sufficient market demand;

          Growth Potentials:In the huge potential market, has a significant core competitive advantage and high growth potentials;

          Profit Model:clear, simple, and achievable;

          Business Valuation:attractive and reasonable investment price.

        Investment Principles

          Principle of Portfolio Investment:invest in a number of enterprises in priority areas and stages for the purpose of risk diversification;

          Principle of No-Controlling:merely financial investors, does not seek the controlling shareholder status;

          The principle of Scale Effectiveness:appropriate investment scales for relative convinced investment targets;

          Principle of VAS(Value-added Services):exert the comprehensive advantages of the management team to strengthen the follow-up management and provide the 澳门永利平台-Invested Enterprises with value-added services such as corporate management improving, team building, marketing, financial advisory, strategic consulting, restructuring and listing;

          Principle of Exit Planning:plan the investment and future successfully exit at the same time, timely choose the proper investment exit way among IPO, amalgamation, M&A, MBO(management buy-out) and so on.

        Multi-Win Cooperation

        Bangming capital adheres to the highest ethical standards, strive to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors and enterprises in which we invest, and seek to create long-term value for all stakeholders. We endeavor to provide the multi-WIN scenario for entrepreneurs, investors, governments, industries and ourselfves as fund managers and build our brand in PE investment.

          PE Association of Shanghai.

          Shanghai Venture Capital Association.

          National University Science technology Park at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

          The torch center of Ministry of science and technology.

          Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center.

          China Venture Capital Research Institute.

          PE institutions such as Tongguang Capital, Tonglian Capital, Walden International, Intel Investment, Kaipeng Huaying, Hongshan Capital, DFJ, Lianchuang Yongxuan, Qiming Investment, Bei Jiguang Venture Capital, Dachen Venture capital, etc..

          Intermediary Agencies such as Minsheng Bank,Zhongxin Bank, Haitong Securities, Guoxin Securities, Zhongxin Jianshe Securities, Zhongqihua, Lixin, Zhongrui Yuehua, Grandall Law Firm, Dacheng Law Firm, etc..

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